Saturday, April 28, 2012

Its 28 April (My Birthday) & My Convocation Pictures

Hi to everybody that is  reading or following my blog. Yes! today is my birthday (28 April) and i feel so much relieved that i am now getting older year by year. Haha. In fact, it makes me a better person i'm rite now. So, this year i think i'm gonna celebrate it with just a small feast and treat. Yes, and i think that in future, i would do more blogging than i'm rite now. So, keep following Ok!.

On this year (2012) i would like to thank you to mum and dad for supporting me over and over again. They gave me so much inspiration and educate me a lot to be a better person i'm rite now. More great news is that i have just finish my studies in my college last year (Dec 2011). I even attend the Convocation ceremony this year on (14 April 2012). I'm glad that my mum, dad, and my little sister do come to give me support on my special day of my life.

Not to be missed also, my friend whom helped me a lot. Without you all, i'm lonely enough in this world guys. Haha, yeah well i think that's it. I' gonna leave rite now. But here's some pictures that i take during my convocation ceremonies. Peace and happy blogging!