Monday, April 30, 2012

Siti Nurhaliza - Falling In Love (Official Music Video)

Once in a lifetime 
An angel sweeps you off your feet 
And everything I’m about 
Dissapears before my eyes

You’re taking me higher when I hear you speak to me 
It is so familiar but I’m caught up in this fantasy

No I can’t seem to find myself 
Oh I can’t seem to ease my mind 
Oh I think I’m falling I’m falling and I can’t stop falling 
I’m falling in love with you

When I look into your eyes 
I see your love that comforts me 
Every now when I go to sleep 
I wait to see you in my dreams

You’re taking me higher when I hear you say my name 
I’m trying to tell you that I never want to let you go

Ulang Chorus

Over and over again *something something* my mind 
I can see it clearly 
You give me something new to believe in 
Come take me away

Ulang Chorus 2X